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1)fine hairs, usually referring to the first emergence of facial or pubic hair on an adolescent

2)FFXI character on the Valefor server
1)Haha, you bought a razor to shave off that peachfuzz?!?!

2)Peachfuzz helped me get a key in Garliage last night.
by simon galactus August 23, 2006
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When a guy first goes through puberty and decides he wants look more mature. To accomplish this he unsucessfully tries to grow facial hair. A very common look among teens from the trailer park. It come in light and sparse like the fuzz on a peach.
Joe: "Whats up Julio? Like my stache? I've been working on it for a few months."
Julio: "Awesome."
by TM January 25, 2005
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when a guy has very very short hair on his face
"I dont need to shave yet it's just a little peach fuzz." is my friend's famous quote
by dawn June 15, 2002
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A pubescent female just starting to develop pubic hair around her genitals.
With budding breasts and peach fuzz between her legs she was most stimulating.
by Larus May 09, 2003
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A young man generally with alot of fuzzy hair on his face. Usually the hair is white. Usually the person also has giant eyes.
Ben has a lot of peach fuzz on his face.
by joe cashmir November 27, 2011
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