A public television station bashed by people when they realize the children's programs on there are more intelligent than they are. Also bashed by dumbasses who complain about pledge breaks who don't realize that the other 75% of the time they don't have to sit through commercials. The same people complain about commercials.

Has been the subject of political conflict whenever special advertising interests lobby elected officials into trying to hand the radio/television wave space to commercial television.

Oh yeah, Barney is broadcast for a half hour on weekday afternoons so die public television die.
Dittohead: They need to shut pbs down because I don't like it and I'm too stupid to work the fucking remote control.
by The Thing That Should Not Be December 11, 2007
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presentation of the ball sack, otherwise known as authorized tea bagging but since no tea bagging is ever authorized the name had to be changed entirely.
the male walks into the room to a perfectly awake and conscious person. he then unzips his fly and gives the person a pbs. had the person been unconscious or asleep this action would have been considered tea bagging.
by thames o'conner June 29, 2011
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Paper Bag Syndrome, Originated from a Pomona high school in late 2000. A girl that has a good body, but her face is so bad that you must put a paper bag over her head to have sex with her.
Adam WTF were you thinking? That bitch had PBS.
by Mogie October 20, 2004
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peanut butter sandwich! (preferrably wae skippy) majaick 4 a first date! everyone luvs a pbs!
mam! go in make me a pbs gal!
by binko October 20, 2004
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a television station in the USA that stands for public bull shit, and is usually watched by 5-8 year olds
by PBS = Public Bull Shit February 8, 2005
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