A payroll pig is someone who was recently arrested but now works for the authorities to lessin or diminish charges.
"Whatever you do, don't serve them because they're the newest payroll pig!"
by 👑KZB🧟‍♂️ February 12, 2021
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it makes you homecoming king
I think I should be elected for Homecoming King because I am very involved in campus activities including payroll.
payroll club is awesome
by Basie October 14, 2007
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Phrase to define when a colleague is having sexual relations with a peer or their manager. Often used on work instant message systems and social networks to avoid rousing any suspicion, particularly if the person in question is already in a relationship outside of work.
Lewis was poking poking the payroll at the office Christmas party and carried on in the toilets at work the next day
by coradia January 20, 2013
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A paid employee whose job is to patrol the Internet and search for comments and post that negatively portray the employee.
Coco is a payroll troll for Charnelhouse and her job is to flag consumer reviews that suggest Charnelhouse products are crap.
by Actsolotl February 5, 2010
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don't sleep with anyone in the workplace. Doing so may cause awkward encounters at work and your colleagues thinking you're easy.
I told you don't fuck with the payroll Jacky
by harveysmakesyourhamburger July 21, 2011
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When an individual that works for an employer, who hasn't been fired and is still employed, stops recieving a paycheck due to a payroll screw up. Everytime the individual attempts to follow up on the problem, the person in charge of payroll will call it by that name. Usually, due to the high demands and deadlines in any given payroll department, the probability of the problem being corrected is very low unless a very high level supervisor has become involved. The problem can last for weeks, even months, forcing the individual to get another job or quit all together. Usually getting denied unemployment for quiting. In rare cases, the individual, who quits, will recieve a W-2 form at the end of the year showing all wages, yet a large amount of those wages still have not been paid.
1) I went to pick up my paycheck Friday and my boss did not have it when they came. Payroll was closed and I had to wait till Monday. I called them on Monday and they told me that I should have been paid and that there was an Ongoing Payroll Issue and that it would work itself out shortly. 16 weeks later, I got another job and sued the bastards!
by The Jax April 25, 2007
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The freshest nigga living. Hes fine and gots good dick, hes everyones dream. Truly the last of a dying breed
Girl1: omg i love my man payroll ramirez hes perfect

Girl2:Damm i wish i had payroll ramirez
Guy: i wish i was payroll ramirez
by P.ramirez1212 October 10, 2021
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