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A website,where ugly girls are overated.A site,where men cant seem to keep their shirt on.Finally,a website for fat people and,social rejects.
Dblock_Chyc is a average looking girl.But, she’s rated top ten, then making her seem overated.Fat_Back, a "big boned girl, that socialized on the internet, seeing has she would be socially rejected by her horrendous looks.Poetik, every overweight virgin girl’s dream, althought most of the forums made in paxed are usually responded by other males, this guy seems to always make people question his sexuality by posting half naked pictures in a mostly male replied thread.
by BlameUrParents April 08, 2005
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The act or artform of violating another co-worker(s') anal cavity, (ie. screwing) due to laziness, insufficient brain capacity, lack of a soul, or generally not giving a shit for the sole benefit of ones own selfish gain.
I got Paxed by Walmart when I went to pick up my lay-a-way boom box only to find out they had sold it to another customer.
by mulchman February 11, 2011
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To have your life turned upside down, or negatively altered, by the undisclosed side effects and improper administration of a prescription medication like Paxil.
His life was paxed after a family practitioner prescribed Paxil, based on the drug manufacturer's false advertising and hidden clinical trial results, causing him to become hypomanic and lose his family and job.
by L.El-Bofa June 12, 2018
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