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paulynn a girl who says to have the best upmost talent and is a born leader this name is only given to the most preitiest born babies on earth
that girl is so paulynn
by bjnekjbeknvlkns January 26, 2009
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Paulynns are serious and persistent. Goes for perfection and only perfection. Born leader. Loves attention. Outgoing, charismatic and she has loads of admirers.
Tommy:"I would love to take Paulynn on a date. Man, she's my type!!"
Chad:"Hands off, asshole! I'm taking her out later!"
by Chase101 December 26, 2009
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A big fat girl, yet, has small tits. A very chatty and loud girl. Gets aroused easily. Also, is a bisexual who love guys and girls.
Omg, that girl is so paulynn. Look at those tiny jugs! And, my, does she know what is silence?
by luv-xoxo July 04, 2009
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