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Awesome, smart, average is 96 and above, loves rubiks cubes, and that's pretty much it
Parthiv, you got a hundred again.
by Dydjvjfidjcj28485 November 17, 2016
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A 3 foot, lizard enthusiast weirdo who also likes to shoot up schools and bombs them to. Parthiv also likes to lick windows in his spare time.
Guy: hey
Guys friend:yeah
Guy: watch out for that guy he's such a parthiv
by D3athstrok3 February 09, 2017
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A parthiv is an illegal immigrant form gujarat and has an elephant nose. A parthiv is really bad at every game they play such as fortnite. A parthiv can also be called pattu or panchod because they are very annoying sometimes and by sometimes I mean all the time. A Parthiv also thinks that he can associate with isis but he in fact is an illegal immigrant from gujarat and can not be a part of them. A parthiv is also autistic. It is the ultimate insult.
Jack: Yo you stupid Parthiv
Udhay: Fuck you why would you call me that now I will kill myself you parthiv piece of shit
Jack: No U
by Wastemen May 24, 2018
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Michael: hey you're fat
Jack: well you partHIV
Michael: Im not that gay
Jack: how are you not dead yet
Michael: *dies*
by IamBIGAY June 06, 2018
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