the act of hanging out in a parking lot and using your car to get hoes
I was straight parking-lot pimpin' with my car changing colors and shit, and guess what nigga? I done went home with 3 hoes!
by Nick D March 31, 2003
The act of socializing with your boys after the club sitting in the trunk of your respective vehicles expecting females to stop all of the sudden, just because... Reserved for niggas that did not accomplish anything in their search for digits INSIDE the club.
Crumb #1: Dawg, fuck these hoes, they ain't about shit.
Crumb #2: Speak for yourself, nigga. I'm about to do some parking-lot pimpin' sitting right here in the hood of my Sephia. Blast that 50 and pop the trunk!
by Dominikan April 29, 2003
hanging outside a club or party after it ends to spit to the girls
I don't want to go inside, let's do this parking-lot pimpin' dog.
by MB April 29, 2003
To make goal or shot from far away… from the parking lot. Or to hit a ball into the parking lot. Is parking-lot pimpin'
Weber from half court... parking-lot pimpin'
by GwaltWill July 18, 2008
Rolling in the parking lot with your tight ass ride. Trying to show off and pick up some hoes.
by Quazimoto June 5, 2003
driving through a mall parking lot or movie parking lot going 2 MPH and showing off your tight ride and your bumpin system and them spinners.
Parking lot pimping in my 64' Impala with my chrome spinners and candy paint.
by Blair-Erynn April 22, 2006