A small piece of unused land that has been ignored, overlooked, abandoned or is othewise unsaleable that has been converted into a green space, recreational area or playground. Usually found in an urban setting and frequently near busy roads. Prevelant in cities eager to appear to be providing green space when they actually have lack of real parks.
Let's take the kids over the parkette to play and hope they don't run over by the speeding traffic.
by Andrew Kowalchuk June 7, 2005
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Located in Allentown, Pa. Is one of the oldest and well known gymnastics training centers in the country. Named after Mr. Park, who donated money to build a real gym. Co-owned by Bill and Donna Strauss. Know for its incredibly rigorous training and expense, that often burns out many of the high level gymnasts before getting to the Olympics. Past olympians include: Kristen Malloney, '00, and Kim Kelly, '92.

To be a Parkette, is to be a gymnast at Parkettes
Kristen Malloney would have done better at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, if she would not have been injured due to being overworked at Parkettes
by handspringgirl97 January 11, 2011
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