Domincan word for someone who is a chump. Usually this person is also bad with the ladies.
Julio: Loco, viste a ese tipo tratando de bajaserlo a esa tipa?
Pancho: Si loco, ese tipo un pariguayo.
by Domexicano March 17, 2005
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A pariguayo is Dominican slang for a guy thats all talk and no action. Someone who is full of shit. A punk, poser, bull shitter, etc.
Oye,tu si habla mierda.Tu lo que es un tremendo pariguayo.
by Jose Luis Lopez September 1, 2006
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( Part e ghua yo )

1. Is a person who lacks the ability to accept what is thought by the majority to be good for him.

2. Person who lacks Common sense

3. A non-Gay person who rejects girls cus he is married or some other bullshit Excuse
I cant believe this nigga. Julisa the Good looking apple bottom Hoe from the Block wanted to fuck Robertico and guess what, that nigga said she too ugly, and that her ass is too big. Robertico immediately is consider a Pariguayo. "What a fucking Pariguayo is that nigga". Everyone wants to get a piece of Julisa the Good looking apple bottom hoe from the block.
by Gdubs5 June 2, 2009
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