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Nouns that can be applied to a group of overlapping but not necessarily exclusive objects.

Less precise than a synonym

A euphemism that conceals more than it reveals

Taxonomic names that may be confused due to similarity of spelling.
e.g., car, suv, truck; son, brother, husband

"The paranym 'enhanced interrogation' has been used to deflect the ugly reality of torture."

"Lacey's new vehicle was neither a car nor a truck, so she chose the use the paranymous 'SUV' to describe it."
by camptisam August 06, 2011
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Term used to describe a description of an word that is shortened in an acronym-like pattern.

(i.e.: BRRRTHE- def. Breathe, inhale, exhale... etc.

-Commonly found on para-"wording"-like words or phrases, found on liscence plates of a cars. Or hashtags, excetera.)
Haha, the paranyms on people's cars are either so contradictory or are in cohesion with their personalities or characteristic demeanor.
by imawitchbitch November 30, 2017
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A word that says one thing but means the opposite. Differs from euphemism in that the real meaning is opposite from the apparent meaning. Differs from antonym in that the paranym is intended to misdirect or conceal the real opposite meaning.
The Biblical term "everlasting life" is a paranym that actually refers to death.
by nmtucson July 29, 2015
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