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A person who is beautiful, but they never believe it themselves. They are caring and always there for their friends, and always trying to solve everyone else's problems. They can be lazy, but love being involved. They are often depressed when teased, left alone or if they feel used/ignored by the people they love, or if they are left alone. They tend to be energetic and love being outside, and are very intelligent. They love to read, draw, or anything creative. When they are put in a situation where they meet new people or are doing something new they can be shy and quiet, but when they know someone they are loud and energetic around them. They are musically inclined. They get hurt easily and need lots of attention from their love. They love being around animals and have a special touch with them. They are trustworthy and person you can turn to for advice or just for an ear. they can be violent and they don't forget anything that happens, but have a hard time holding grudges. They tend to be really ignorant of their own feelings and don't like to talk about them, but love to tell stories about their past adventures. They're always smiling, if quiet then something is wrong. They often will mess with their hair color and style, love messing with colors of outfits and shopping.they love learning new things, especially different languages, but they aren't great spellers, and can’t lie to most people. This name also means butterfly in the language, Kurdish.
Guy1- who is she? She seems really creative and exciting...
Guy2- she must be a Papula, gorgeous and always smiling...
by Papula May 03, 2018
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