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1. n. Uncommon cute word used as an alternative to the word "pants"
I just went online looking to buy panths for my tushie!
by NYC October 16, 2004
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It is an abbreviation for pantheon, which is a big dome. So this is a term for a blowjob.
Yo tell your mom I said thanks for the panth last night
by Chris Fonda June 01, 2007
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Panth is the definition of a pathetic person. This person has 2 goals in life: To be the receiver of an Alberta Chili Bowl and to have a King Kong Ding Dong. Because of this this person will often giggle about their penis and attempt to grab yours in the restroom. This person believes in blood sacrifice as a means of goodness in the world. One of the few positives of this person is that they are extremely obese.
See that loser in the corner, he must be a Panth.
by Johnny258000 April 07, 2017
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