A term for when a man ejaculates ('finishes') in someone's ear.
Do you get pannini'd again last night, Alex? You should probably see a good ENT.
by Z-Man 44 October 3, 2006
A pannini is a hoity-toity italian word used to sell yuppies an overpriced meal. It is basically a pressed sandwich, similar to a cuban sub, but can be with any meat and any cheese. Can be found at some delis and foodstands that sell subs.
Try our new pannini.
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
a small white chihuahua with pink skin that barks at everything in sight
your dog is a pannini, its barking at the mailman
by grassblade October 18, 2010
The act of making a sandwich and toasting it with a clothing iron.
haaayyyy! dorrel what happened to yo toaster, I needs to makes me a toasted pannini.Yo dawg I pawned my toaster to make my latest payment on my gold grill so just use the clothing iron to make yoself a ghetto pannini.
by PlayHeroes October 19, 2010