Biting your nails down, on hands and/or toes, because you are so panicked about something.
I gave myself a panicure last night after me and BJ's condom broke and I forgot my birth control.
by bj2010 November 14, 2010
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When your freaking out and someone slaps you.
The scene in Airplane, where that woman is freaking out and Leslie Nielsen smacks her. "Get a hold of yourself!" (he gave her the panicure)
by Headcircus January 13, 2009
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What happens when a woman from New Jersey gets angry in a nail salon
Jenny: Why's your hair all fucked up? Didn't you just get back from the salon?
Karina: This Jersey whore started a panicure and all hell broke loose.
by cox'n'dix October 16, 2010
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