When the weight of marijuana goes down and the price goes up.
BUDTENDER- For the same price you can get a regular pound of generic dirt weed and yes that is the name.of the stran for $1,000 or. Pandemic.pound of The Ghost of Leroy .

Patron - You would think since im already having.to pay corona tax on this ish it could at least weigh straight.

Silent stare

Ill take TGOL please. At least our State deemed this a living essential. So I guess its worth the pandemic pound🤷 ♀️
by Im 5280 Tiny April 3, 2020
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The weight you gain from excess food, and alcohol, while sheltering in place during a worldwide pandemic.
Dude, while staying at home during the pandemic’s shelter in place, I have consumed so much food, and adult beverages, I’ve gained 10 pandemic pounds!
by The Lois Lane June 4, 2020
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