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A beautiful girl who is outstanding at every subject and is a teachers pet. She is loved by the boys at all times and has a big booty.
Person one: look it's pamella
Person two: omg she is beautiful and talented
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A really funny person who doesn't have to do much to make you laugh. She is known for her "spicy" but loving personality. She is only close with a few people, but will do anything for those lucky individuals. She has a softer beauty, but mesmerizing green eyes that make many guys attracted to her. She isn't the skinniest and doesn't have the biggest boobs but has a nice round booty. She has amazingly natural colored hair, such as chocolate brown. Sometimes its takes a lot for her to open up to you, but when she does that means you are extremely important to her. She can be very shy when she is uncomfortable in a situation but for the most part she is quite outgoing. She loves food, movies, and her friends. She can get distracted very easily but if she really tries in school she can be very smart. She has an extremely bad procrastination issue. Pamella is a very rare type of beauty and an amazing friend.
person 1: Wow i love Pamella she is so beautiful and kind!
person 2: she also has a fat ass!!
by Lolololunknown April 17, 2017
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Her rubescence is as the grace of blushing roses in the morning light and to make her blush is one of life’s most cherished moments.

There are no sacrifices in loving her because within her love one gains everything.

To experience her love is the beginning of life; even more, to be loved by her is life itself and to lose her love, everything perishes with it.

She is the personification of ceepy. The one she loves she squeezes until left gasping for air, yet she is the very reason his heart continues to beat.

The freckle of her eye twinkles brighter than any shooting star. With her is the secret to happiness and to make her smile is life’s greatest gift. At daybreak she becomes the first thought that warms his heart, and at night, she is the one that beautifies his dreams.
Pamella is the purest form of beauty.
by R0B. November 01, 2018
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Pamella is the most beautiful woman one could ever meet. The simplest thought of her warms the heart with a smile; yet only a glimpse of her is enough to make one’s heart melt completely.

Her beauty is pure; it’s absolute. It brings one to question her very existence yet to experience her love is the only way to know oneself; to truly live life.

She remains the most beautiful sight one’s heart will always remember. Her stature is “tiny but mighty” and her warm embrace provides the strength that carries one through any tribulation. Her personality is as warm and bright as sunflowers dancing in the morning light. Like their petals, her long tresses adorn her in a crown of exquisite beauty. And her soothing touch is as delicate as the fringes of those flowers.

The true source of her beauty is from her God, Jehovah, in whom she has allowed to mold her into a beautiful, spiritual woman in every way, inside and out. And more than anyone in the world, she will always love Him more.

That, is the true essence of her beauty.
In over a thousand years from now, one could never meet someone more perfect than Pamella but every moment with her is perfect.
by R0B. October 30, 2018
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