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A beautiful girl who is outstanding at every subject and is a teachers pet. She is loved by the boys at all times and has a big booty.
Person one: look it's pamella
Person two: omg she is beautiful and talented
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A really funny person who doesn't have to do much to make you laugh. She is known for her "spicy" but loving personality. She is only close with a few people, but will do anything for those lucky individuals. She has a softer beauty, but mesmerizing green eyes that make many guys attracted to her. She isn't the skinniest and doesn't have the biggest boobs but has a nice round booty. She has amazingly natural colored hair, such as chocolate brown. Sometimes its takes a lot for her to open up to you, but when she does that means you are extremely important to her. She can be very shy when she is uncomfortable in a situation but for the most part she is quite outgoing. She loves food, movies, and her friends. She can get distracted very easily but if she really tries in school she can be very smart. She has an extremely bad procrastination issue. Pamella is a very rare type of beauty and an amazing friend.
person 1: Wow i love Pamella she is so beautiful and kind!
person 2: she also has a fat ass!!
by Lolololunknown April 17, 2017
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