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A school where complete bosses go to. Man whores go around pulling hoes all day. The girls are smoking hot and the guys have huge wieners. Every single day, the whole school goes outside and parties with other hot chicks like Kate Upton and Ariana Grande. All in all, palmer is also used as a term to show how boss something is.
Damn, did Joe really just palmer trinity on that girl last night?
by palmer is sick April 02, 2013
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A school of alpha males and smoking hot chicks. Everyone is a genius and a savage. Hoes will badger you to eat nutella out of their ass. All in all a great place.
John: Bro, did Dave Palmer Trinity all over Ransom last night?
Ted: Yea, dude, Dave is a G.
by AyyMate1010 April 23, 2018
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