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This is the sport of champions. It requires two individuals and a manual palletjack (equipment with two forks for elevating and moving pallets). There is a countdown while both people wait on each fork of the jack. When 0 is called, the participants proceed to push or pull the other off of the jack. If the opponent touches the ground before you, you get a point or 2 points. One point is awarded if your opponent is pushed back. Two points if your opponent is pulled over to your side. You play to 3 (currently) and a champ is crowned. If your title is challenged, you have 24 hours to commit. It is know also as NARP (North American Regional Palletjacking).
"Hey man, lets swing outside for a palletjacking sesh". "I don't know, man, I'm still sore from yesterday".
by Eric Jenson, Von Bass December 11, 2007
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This is a modern game involving two participants. Each person, male or female steps onto one fork of the pallet jack. There is a count down and both players compete to get the other off the jack first. If said player is thrown off point is awarded to the opponent. If said player is pulled over to the opponents side and touches the ground first...2 points are awarded. As for now, first one to three wins.
This game was founded in North America in Tempe, AZ. The founds shall only be known as Eric and Von. The Collaborative is know as (NARP) North American Recreational Palletjacking.
by Eric Jenson November 20, 2007
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