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One who takes part in a sexual act in which the woman is suspended with her chest facing upward as she is aroused by 4 men at once. The image created is like that of pallbearers in a funeral holding the body of a deceased human, but without a casket.

Variations include the "no-hander" which is the same procedure minus the use of hands to hold the body and only leaving the males' genitalia to support the weight of the woman.

The act a pallbearer takes part in is classified in the "wellered" branch of sexual behavior.

In 2010, the act was featured in Playboy's "25 Raunchiest Positions".
Nate got to play the role of pallbearer in Ms. W's most recent sexcapade. Lucky bastard!
by Two Eskimo Brothers April 27, 2010
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After you have sex with a dead person, you poop in the mouth. uncle got a pallbearer from my aunt after the funeral.
by Grande Nuts January 21, 2008
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