Pronounced "pa-kay". This word is only commonly known in Hawaii. Person who is frugal. Someone who will not make a purchase at an excessive price. A person reluctant to spend money.
He no like buy, because it is not on sale, he so pake, yah? (Hawaiian pidgin English)
by JCL January 28, 2006
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Word used as a sort of ethnic slur in Hawaii to describe a Chinese person. Pronounced paw-kay. May also be used to describe a person who is stingy with his or her money.
"Eh, look at those pakes over dere playing majiang."

"Ho, Jeffrey, quit being one pake wit yo' cash brah!"
by Jimmy Hapa July 27, 2005
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the ingenious mixture between pie and cake. cake baked in a cookie crumb pie crust then frosted.
she baked him a scrumptious pake for his birthday
by gracecar June 19, 2005
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1. Noun: Ejaculatory fluid (cum).
2. Verb: To ejaculate.
1. After intercourse, there was pake all over the back seat.
2. Richard paked all over Emily's skirt.
by Chase Cheffe August 11, 2007
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To skip more than half of the hours you are scheduled to work in a given day.
"Man fuck this job, I'm PAKing, be back in 5 hours."

A group of students are at a lecture at West Virginia University. When the students realized that this lecture is of no importance, they say to themselves, "We're out of here, we're PAKing!"
by A fellow PAKer January 25, 2013
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A small under intelligent person. Usually nervous all the time.
Dont be a Pake man
by Nullats April 14, 2017
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