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But if u like and nice love everything she is kick ass she does not put up with anything she loves basketball and she hates cheer she has a thing about convers and is a great kisser she thinks about her future because she wants to know who she is going to marry and date on joiner high.

It is possible it will be a blonde that starts with a C and ends with a W
I love paje she is a smart and gorgeous person
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Paje's is the fictional club from R. Kelly's movie, Trapped in the Closet, where Sylvester (R. Kelly) hooked up with a wig-wearing fibber. "Paje's" can be any party that people think is cooler than it really is, and everyone there is bound to be full of shit and a poser.
That party was full of fake tits, fake smiles, and fake Gucci. It was a total Paje's Club.
by da midget June 20, 2006
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