The feeling of loss, remorse, regret, and death of sprit when the man/woman you love leaves you before you ever get the chance to kiss them and tell them they were that passonite, kind, wounderful, amazing, sound you long to see, hear, touch, taste. You can no longer feel senses to relatoinships. become raclusive, chivalris or worse. a big slut addict to hide the pain.
Pain, (LaTengo Camisa Negra)
by Urlv0my<3 October 21, 2009
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When you listen to that song by Aqua called Barbie Girl
Person 1: Oh, I'm in so much pain!!
Person 2: I see you're listening to Barbie Girl again.
by bootyyyqueen October 04, 2014
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What happens when you stub your pinky toe.
''The meaning of true pain is the stubbing of pinky toes..''
by MayaW. October 11, 2016
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1. A feeling sent to your brain to indicate damage to the body
2. An awesome Ska-Punk band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
3. The feeling you get when you realize that the aforementioned band is never coming back together and that nobody even remembers who they are.
1. Fuck! My penis is on fire! I am experiencing severe pain!
2. Fuck all the new bands of today, I only wish there was more works by Pain.
3. They're never coming back together, and all I can feel is this crippling pain.
by Some Guy Who Likes Ska November 01, 2013
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When you're a lonely person and whether that loneliness changes or not is outta your hands.
What a pain. My life is son painful, and nobody cares.
by Toronto Raptors February 15, 2008
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what you feel when your friend starts going out with the girl of your dreams
I feel pain every time i see Janell with Kevin.
by jmdunne1395 February 08, 2009
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