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A grueling physical workout intended to make you a better athlete. Usually done at home or the gym, and we call that place the "pain cave."
"If I want to get faster on the bike, I've gotta do my workout, so I am headed to the pain cave."
by Chumango February 08, 2010
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A home gym setup, generally used by cyclists, but also popular with other disciplines. It refers to a dedicated area, generally in a basement (hence, "cave") where long, grueling exercise sessions take place.
I did a triathlon in May, which meant lots of long days in the Pain Cave, since it was too cold to train outside.
by jdpatt January 18, 2019
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A situation that involves either performing tasks for or working with people you do not like.
Question: "How was work today?"

Answer: "It was a total pain cave..."
by Male Nurse June 25, 2009
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Dark room or basement where you lure unsuspecting and intoxicated women.
Come into my pain cave so I can bludgeon you.
by The Pantsman May 03, 2007
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A mentally and/or physically debilitating condition worse than a hang over usually brought on by the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol combined with severe lack of sleep.
... oh my head... it's a day in the pain cave for me today, thanks to that goddamn moonshine!
by 00s4s00 November 15, 2009
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