Game played with multiple people in a moving vehicles when traffic is present in which one serches for a vehicle with only one headlight shining. First to call "Padidle" and hit the roof of the vehical wins, other remaining players must remove an article of clothing. Game continues until you no longer are dressed.
Padidle hit roof strip bitches!

by Nichole and Kaite April 5, 2008
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A closet homosexual with one real eye and one glass eye. They will usually have dwarf like body features and smell like sour milk. They are known to use internet businesses as a source of income because they are to freakish to work in public.
Hey, padidle when I see you I'm gonna pop your eye out and skull-fuck you until your ears bleed you smelly little freak!
by hotcarl66 May 5, 2005
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a game played in the car involving the removal of clothes when a one-headlighted car is seen
Hey, you wanna play strip padidle?
by Savethe Bananas January 23, 2003
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