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Pacific mall is an enormous Asian mall in toronto. It's the largest asian mall in canada. It is populated by trendy chinese teens.

Also known as "p-mall".
by soliloquy December 26, 2004
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An Asian mall in Markham known to all asians (even the ones who don't live in the area). Here, you can find DVDs for sale, various bubble tea stores, clothing stores, and more. It is a hangout place for fobs and mallrats, who you can find mostly in the arcade on the second floor. There are also a variety of photobooths in which you can choose the background and borders of your photos. This mall is also known as "p-mall". If you are non-Asian, get ready to get ripped off by store owners when you enter.
Ex1. Those DDR players at Pacific mall are hardcore.

Ex2. If you ask any Asian, they'll know about Pacific mall.
by OldCatLady May 28, 2009
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Pacific Mall - Located at Kennedy and Steeles, it is known to every Chinese person living in Toronto. In there, you can find anything from jewellery,CDs and DVDs,and up to rice rocket car parts. BEWARE: when driving there, be sure to watch out for mid-aged Chinese women who cannot run stop signs, and civics plastered with "MUGEN POWERED" stickers that sound like a lawnmowers and have engines with displacement less than a 2L Coke bottle.
"Yo!! I found Kung Fu at Pacific Mall for 5 bucks"
by j-lo March 29, 2005
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