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An IRC Client that does not allow the smell of stinky people without lives to linger and corrupt others by pretending to be a fat old man claiming to be 16 female from california.
P2PChat Log
(03:42) Morpheus18874: asl
(03:42) Annaskies: fat ugly male/pretending to be a 16 yo female/cali
by kungfuen November 21, 2007
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A rockin' IRC network full of the most vibrant personalities on the 'net. Where else can you find characters like Annaskies, Moonman, teresah53, and evilhamsters??
p2pchat is the best IRC network.
by Morph3423 May 11, 2004
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A demonic stronghold using a chat network as a front for stealing souls, ruining marriages, wasting time, and corrupting today's youth with cyber requests. Also known to be a great place to meet old, fat, hairy men pretending to be 16 year old girls from California.
I sold my soul at p2pchat and now I don't have time for my family, I just want to cyber all day long!
by Annaskies January 13, 2005
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