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The term used to define a huge mess; usually having occurred through someone's stupidity and/or idiotic oversights
X'oxxata ghamilt siehbi...

Translation: What a mess you made, friend.
by rax November 10, 2007
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A Maltese noun with the literal translation to English being "Cunt Pastry". This word is a combination of the word "oxx" meaning cunt in Maltese and the word "Qassata" which is a traditional Maltese pastry. The word has made it's way into the vast Maltese profanity vocabulary when the word "oxx" did not have enough of an offensive meaning to it when attempting to offend someone. What could possibly be worse when you are a combination of a well-known pastry and a cunt?
Person 1: Il-madonna kemm int oxxata.
Person 2: Oxxata?
Person 1: Iva bahnan, int oxxata
by LegendJorjie January 30, 2017
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