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formally written as "Ghoxx" but in sland it is allowed to be written as above.

1. female genitalia - vagina, pussy
2. a stupid person - fig. a cunt
1. Nezzajtila it-tanga u rajt li kellha oxx imqaxxar u sabih. (I removed her thong and perceived a nice shaved vagina)

2. "kemm int oxx" (ur such a cunt)or "qisek l-oxx" - sometimes referred to with the article). Also in this category - the euphemism "pastizz".
by Lenny March 13, 2004
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The maltese word for vagina, and the basis of most swear phrases, because, of course, in malta, we have not yet discovered how to use one word to sum up a sentence, and the shortest we can come up with is usually "Haqq il-gvern" (damn the government)

some phrases strung together with this magical word are:
F'oxx ommok
oxx il-liba ommok
qisek oxx
ja oxx imgiddem
oxx miblul
ghandek wiccek qisu oxx
ha ddejjaqli oxxi
mur ilaghqli oxxi
haqq oxx Alex
f'oxx dawk is-satanisti jbulu fuq qabarkhom
qisek ghadek kif hadtu f'oxxok
mur l'hemm, ghax ha ntik daqqa t'oxx ommok u nerggha nbidlek f'liba
haqq is-suf jinten t'oxx ommok
by tomtomtomtomtom May 06, 2006
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