A town near Baltimore, Maryland in which there is absolutely nothing for the teenage population to do. They eat, sleep, blaze, have sex, and get drunk often on a weekly basis. The mall is overrun with criminals so nobody shops there out of fear of being mugged, raped, or on lucky days, both. Owings Mills High School offers a below average high school experience, resulting in a large amount of transferred students to Franklin High School or private schools in the area. To shop, most teens leave OM to seek better places to socialize such as Towson, Columbia, or Hunt Valley. Otherwise theyre poppin bottles every weekend.
1-"Lets hit up Owings Mills mall yo."
2-"Dude, are you high?"
1-"Good call. Let's hit Towson instead."
2-"Fuck that. Imma go to some Owings Mills party and get wasted."
by an owings mills milf January 3, 2008
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shit hole wigger fest 08 basically owings mills is the single most trashy shit hole in the entire world .full of homosexuals and gays.
when anyone from towson comes to the shit-hole(owings mills) the entire town ejaculates and than proceeds to bend over .
"WE WISH WE WERE TOWSON"-entire population of the shit-hole
by cville52446 July 11, 2008
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Owings Mills is a fairly large and densely populated town in Baltimore County, MD / a Baltimore suburb, northwest of Baltimore CIty.

Owings Mills is most famous, locally that is, as having a very large increase in its Black population from the mid 90's thru present, triggering alot of "white flight" to surrounding towns and Counties, like Carroll County, which has a MUCH less diverse population. Owings Mills Mall, once one of the finest in the entire state of Maryland, has fallen victim to this change....originally a high end fashion Mall when in opened in 1986, it has now lost its way, with a very large number of vacant store fronts and lack of customers. The sharp increase in crime at the Mall hasn't helped matters either.

Once an "up and coming" premier Baltimore hotspot of thriving businesses and a booming housing market, Owings Mills has, over the past decade, deteriorated to a "not so nice" place to live or have a thriving business.....unless you are a bail bondsmen, that is.
Owings Mills Baltimore County crime Carrol County Owings MIlls Mall racial diversity white flight
by no-owingsmills September 12, 2009
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Sub par educational institute, located in baltimore county, maryland. Orange and yellow lockers are strewn randomly throughout the campus and give it that nice homely "pukey" feeling. Students enrolled here enjoy such activities as smoking weed, getting excessively drunk, and having casual sex with as many of their classmates as possbile. The school has had a line of notorious sluts. The lack of supervision from horrendous school officials has lead to a large amount of abscences and truancies at the school, due to the ability to literally just walk out of school and go home. Brown and Gold are the team colors, reminiscent of shit and piss. The icing on the Owings Mills shit cake is the football team. suffering constant football losses for years on end, it has deprived the students of all school spirit and enthusiasm. Its more insufferable than a cosby sweater
Man, that is one nasty, trashy, hoe, such an Owings Mills High girl
by wtfhahahk October 21, 2010
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Probably the best team ever to enter the Lacrosse World. Usualy the defence is ok, the attack is stellar, but the hilight of the team is the 3rd line midfield, do to their extensive good looks and overall flow.
They are most known for mackin on ladies after their game is over, and getting numbers. This usualy leads to a facebook friend request, the writing of on their walls, and subsequently never seeing them ever again.
Coach Jack: Owings Mills JV Lacrosse, will ONE of you come up to varsity?
Jake: No, my flow chop is too good!
Ben: No, I will start too many fights and manalyze the oposing team!
Tyler: No, I'm too busy gettin copp dome from emily.
Matt: Yes, because i hate ACTUALLY playing.
by OwingsMillsLaxer93 April 20, 2009
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