Slang: 1)Of or relating to leaving.2) Exiting, may be applied to a physical location or death (i.e. leaving earth/life) First emerged in the golden era of hip-hop in 1991 on Ice Cube's 2nd solo album "Death Certificate" in the track entitled "Alive on Arrival". After suffering a gunshot wound and being harassed by police in the hospital the lyrics are as follows; "...too many black bodies the hospital housin' so at 10pm I was outie 5000"
"I'm late picking up my girlfriend, Im outie 5000"...Please note that a shortened version of this slang term exists as well. You may take the "outie" out of the saying and just say "Im 5000". For example; "Call me later, I'm 5000".
by DocHoliday187 May 7, 2009
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Hip hop slang word

1. To leave; to depart

Late 80s rap group EPMD often used this as an addendum to "peace" at the end of a song.
"Yo P, don't tell me you went out like a sucka, yea took off that mustache, grabbed that ass then i fucked her, peace I'm outie 5000."

An earlier example can be heard at 2:55 of "Jane II" off EPMD's 1989 sophomore album "Unfinished Business".
by yankel chosenberg June 20, 2010
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a way of saying "I'm leaving"... first seen In the movie "Reality Bites" at the very end of the movie in the parody of Lalaina's documentary for In your face tv... the character Roy, based on ethan hawked Troy tells Elaina, based on Winona Ryders Lalaina, "Im outie 5000"... the character of Roy is played by evan dando.
You suck... I'm outie 5000
by fiona meow meow July 11, 2008
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A more extreme version outie. More recent and updated. From Aqua Teen Hunger Force the PDA episode.
I am outie 5000 ciao!
by Rezuke June 18, 2004
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Another way of saying goodbye or "I'm leaving."
Well I got to get home. Outies 5000 bro.
by Melkon August 31, 2008
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