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To outperform another in the context of one's level of flatulent noise level, gaseous volume, odor, frequency and/or melodic creativity. Used by Peter Griffin in Family Guy in a farting competition with Michael Moore.
Pelican's Reef, huh? Then that's where I'll go. Cause I'm not afraid of a challenge. Like that time I outfarted Michael Moore.
by toph bei fong is awesome May 01, 2011
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Verb: to outfart - when you are having a fart off with your friend, and you do a fart much louder than your friend's fart.

Noun: an outfart - a fart that spreads rather quickly, so it is going "out".
1. He outfarted me!
2. That must be an outfart! You can also smell it 2km away from me!
by FunkDaBeat April 12, 2016
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