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Group of super-coolpeople who change their identities on a whim, one day they might be goth and the next they might be prep, it just depends. They're smart,sassy, fun and interesting, and enjoy weird sports like croquet. An Out-Crowder is usually dressed weirdly and ready to have a conversation with anyone about anything. They like card games and cheat most of the time. They love nearly every type of music, and often confuse the hell out of normal i.e square people.
Normal person 1: No waaay, I just saw that goth yesterday,a and now he's emo!

Normal person 2 "No, no, they were prep last week...what?!"

Out-Crowd "Will ya stop staring, wer'e playing strip crazy-eights here, unless you want in,"
by outrageous! November 25, 2005
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