When you've dropped 3 tabs of LSD, or a shroom pie, and your in a far out world of colors, and giggles :)
Shane was so far out dropping tabs last night, that phish concert last night was so far out man, hell yeah...
by Budweezer May 4, 2016
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fellow #1: hey, dude, we just got tickets for the Allman Brothers Band this Friday!

fellow #2: Far out man! (really should be a comma after out, so it would be: Far out, man!)
by rocket1air November 14, 2013
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Smoking marijuana till you feel gone. Far out.
Cool dude 1 "Hey man I got some tree."
Cool dude 2 "Good shit, let's get far out!"
Cool dude 1 "Fasho!"
by kushpusher June 22, 2010
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The phrase "sticks m legy out real far" was first used as a caption for a picture of a cat stretching his leg outwards. Now, it's mainly known as a meme, and you can sometimes find it on any photo of an animal sticking its leg out.
picture of a cat sticking its leg out

Caption: sticks m legy out real far
by andrew_irl February 10, 2021
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When you're too baked to say far out
Fuckkkk man that's sooo out far, wait what
by Hey Andreas May 21, 2017
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