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When something hurts so bad but tickles so good in a cute way.
last night i had rough intercourse with a tin foil condom and it made me yell ouchkabibble 25 times!
by sarafashigitiedabe July 22, 2005
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A clever phrase used when a scathing comment or roast hits too close to home. Also used as a sarcastic response to someone who needs to stop complaining and get over their shit.
Derik says to a group "I hope y'all fall into a giant pot full of gay."

Kofi replies, "Why? Are you cooking one up?"

Derik replies, "Ouchkabibble"
by Joboi December 24, 2018
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A phrase normally used by hypochondriacs when they are dealt a great deal of pain.
"Did Stormbeard smack you again?"
"Yeah, and it hurt really badly!"
by Fashionable Icicle November 09, 2007
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