A delightful market town set in the fertile lower reaches of Wharfedale beneath the forested slopes of Chevin Country park, and close to the climbing meccas of Caley Crags and Almscliffe. Renowned for the number of pubs and cafes, as well as for its diverse range of community events - Otley Carnival, Victorian Fayre, Folk Festival, Beer Festival, Cycle Road Race, New Year's Day Wharfe swim. It has its own Cycle Club, Arts Centre, Film Society, Running club, Sailing Club, Golf Club - as well as fine purveyors of Chocolates, Cakes, Cycles, Walking and Climbing gear, second hand books, Furniture and an award winning bakery. There are three market days a week, a cattle market, and a Farmers' market once a month.
There is no McDonalds or KFC.
Inbreeding is being tackled through a vigorous educational programme.
I live in Otley.
Oooooh - you lucky bastard.
by ey oop lad January 24, 2012
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A little inbred town in West Yorkshire. I happen to live there and have personal experience of the horrors!
It is populated by about 4 main familied (all inter-related) and then randomers like my family and friends who have actaully travelled further than Leeds!
You tend to find the night life situated around the bus station where the townies/chavs "hang out". You don't want to go here between the hours of 1pm-9pm as you will constantly be asked "Wot the fuck u fuckin lookin at!? u wana punch?!"
by Rock Chick November 28, 2004
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Otley is a town in West Yorkshire. England. It is a decent, picturesque and historically interesting place. Regrettably, as is evidenced by the other "definitions" of Otley in this supposed dictionary, the town is home to some disgruntled fascist types who write deeply offensive claptrap about the town where they live. With the rhetoric of Adolf Hitler, one idiot states his/her hatred of "Tossers" "Half Breeds", "Spastics" and people with mental illnesses. Others have wasted their abilities to "string words together" on insulting and rejecting the people around whom they have grown up. One can only presume that the (wonderful) lack of Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins & McDonalds means that they spend their sad days wishing that they lived in Leeds. Happily, it would appear that they do exactly that, and that the X84 bus takes them all away from our nice town so they can go and be racist and abusive to someone else on a Saturday afternoon. When these people grow up and realise that they could have used the internet to actually accomplish something instead of just upsetting people, they might regret their words.
A grand day out by the river in Otley, a place where you can drive to Scotland without going through any more traffic lights.
by Andy A Real Person July 27, 2012
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Where all da Charvas go too blaze some bud some call posh but it’s fucking not it’s jokes
Otley has Being Defined as a chavy area
by Willy clockmaker March 1, 2022
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The most delicious dessert concoction ever: mix marshmallows, chocolate chips, smart start healthy heart, and chunky peanut butter in a cup. Put in microwave until marshmallows start to bubble. Take out of microwave and give in to the greatness.
Imma get me sum Peanut Butter & Otley tonite.
by Doin the Dew May 5, 2011
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