The letters o (oscar) and m (mike) of the military phonetic alphabet which when used together indicates that a unit is "On the Move" or sometimes, "On Mission."
Headquarters ordered us to relocate our fighting positions AGAIN today, so we are fucking Oscar Mike. Goddamnit.
by 11C January 3, 2009
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Infinity Ward's new favorite fetish word. Implemented in everyday or formal use, in any circumstance, at any time, wherever IW thinks it sounds awesome and also rad. Used similarly to shalom or aloha- can mean "hello," "goodbye," "peace," and "please find a tent, marshmallows, two Model 1887 shotguns, and an M16 and camp for entire matches at a time."
Baseplate: Task Force Fire Team Bravo Six Marines, this is baseplate. The convoy is oscar mike. Repeat, the convoy is oscar mike.

Sgt. Cpt. American Thunder: Acknowledged, baseplate, the convoy is oscar mike. Task Force Fire Team Bravo Six Marines is en route. We are oscar mike, repeat, we are oscar mike.

Baseplate: Oscar mike oscar mike oscar mike.
by teh_zanderer December 22, 2009
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On the move. If you are playing a game like Arma, Rainbow 6 and or any other tactical fps game and a person says this over voice chat they are most certainly taking the game way to serously.
Person 1: We are oscar mike.
Person 2: Rodger dodger eta 30 seconds to AO
by Who is LMFAO March 8, 2018
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on the move, leaving soon, leaving, moving out.
were oscar mike; were oscar mike in 5minutues.
by simonv January 3, 2009
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14 Baravo is Oscar Mike
by Kneeslider February 6, 2020
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A word used by badass people like Sgt. Foley (voice by the even more badass Keith frickin' David) that means "On the Move"
"Bravo Two here, we are Oscar Mike"
by Natetodamax March 8, 2010
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A phonetics version of OMG, or oh my god.
"Hey Tom, I just bought a double headed purple dildo from eBay."
"Oscar Mike Golf ... you are such a faggot."
by Juarez Garcia August 31, 2003
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