"Stay Frosty Oscar Mike" is a cobmination of two phrases used in the US military, according to call of duty: modern warfare 2.

"stay frosty" means star cool; stay on your toes. "oscar mike" means on the move. together, they mean: "Stay alert while on the move!"
General: RAMIREZ! take out that battleship with your flashbang!

General: Stay Frosty Oscar Mike!
by Anoncatiswin March 2, 2010
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Military phonetic alphabet for "O.M.F.G", a widely used acronym for "Oh My Fucking God".
"Hey bro, bad news. You know the chick who gave you the blowjob under the table at Applebee's the other night? Just found out, she wasn't always a chick..."

"Oscar Mike Foxtrot Golf!!"

"Oh, that wasn't the bad news - She has chlamydia."
by |2eadEm&Weep!! July 22, 2008
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