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Mistress Catherine is heavily into "The English Vice". Her collection of canes would make any school master proud!
by Le Marteau July 8, 2009
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The cabling in a high-end gaming computer, installed to be visually appealing and precise. The case will have a window on the side and be illuminated inside to display the fine craftsmanship.
The power supply on my origami rig went out, and I spent several hours getting the cables on the new power supply looking just right.
by Le Marteau October 6, 2009
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An abbreviation for "Mistress" common to chat rooms with a BDSM theme
Yes, Ms Jessica, i am back with the rubber bands and the Crisco. What shall i do now?
by Le Marteau July 8, 2009
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What a submissive, usually new to BDSM, often experiences. It is a feeling of excitement in discovering the world of BDSM, leading them to want more and more and more, NOW! It can cause the submissive to make bad decisions about who to who to play with, often resulting in serious harm.
J was in such a sub frenzy, he hooked up with the first Mistress who would give him a collar, and he ended up needing 20 stitches and long-term psychotherapy.
by Le Marteau January 20, 2009
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