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Guy 1: Have you seen Jay around?

Guy 2: Oh shit man, he opted out.

Guy 1: All my friends seem to be opting out lately

Guy2: Fuck it, let's drink
by anon12 February 04, 2013
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Can apply to absolutely ANYTHING!

After you've said 'im opting out', there really isnt anything the other person who you opted out from can do!

NOTE: After one person has opted out of something, the other person cannot say, "im opting out of you opting out" etc.. thats it, Opting Out is FINAL>
Police officer: "erm, lads, im gonna have to put you under

arrest for that"

You: "im sorry boys, im opting out"

Police officer: "......arg..oo..ou..erm, fair enough lads, well said, i cant really do much now can i, ill cya later"

You: "alright mate, just go for cruise in yah car or something"

police officer: "will do"
by Sam-Top May 03, 2006
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