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Choosing to end one's own life for moral, ethical or legal reasons. A person faced with certain death after a horrible accident, crippling debts, impending imprisonment to name a few. Essentially suicide using one's own moral compass instead of desperation or depression as the typical vector of suicide cases.
Having been indicted on over a dozen felonies, Mr. Swartz exercised what power he had over the course of his own life and chose to 'opt out'.
by mikebellman January 22, 2013
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Two words used in a text message to a girl or guy to inform them you are no longer interested. Upon receiving the key words opt out, the receiver must halt all further communications and the relationship is considered over.
by lvelasquez May 10, 2012
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1. Choosing not to have sexual intercourse due to lack of protection, instead partaking in other sexual activities. Usually a male choosing not to have vaginal intercourse with a female, sometimes opting to ejaculate on the face of the female.
Guy: I had sex with this chick last night and didn't wear a condom, I think she might be pregnant.
Friend: I told you to always opt out! You really gotta opt out next time.
by Slikk January 22, 2006
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