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It's not retarded. It sounds very much like a nonsense word with lots and lots of variations of it that you would say to a child - upsie-daisy, whoopsie-daisy, up-a-daisy - and is said to a child when they've fallen over or if you've spilt something you say "oopsie-daisy". It all sounds very harmless but it actually goes back to something that is a LOT stronger and has absolutely nothing to do with the flower the daisy.

The origin was "up a day" which in turn was a version of "a lack a day", (see the example below) and it was a heart-felt passionate cry of anguish. For whatever reason, it became diluted over time - so diluted that "daisy" crept into it and it became "upsie-daisy". "Lack a day" also went in another direction. Again "daisy" crept in, and "lackadaisical", believe it or don't, stems from this "a lack a day" with the idea of something careless, perhaps lazy, which then in turn brings a mistake upon you. But as I say it's now a fairly flabby or acute thing we use, but it once was a very, very strong cry of torment.
"Oopsie daisy - Shame or reproach the day when such a thing befell me."
by This is a Random Name May 07, 2015
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1. something people day when they screw up really really bad
2. the retarded way of saying "ooh shit!"
by Unknown August 07, 2004
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they act of laughing to a point of defecation. or urination.
scott: why did the baby cross the road?
thomas: why?
scott: well he was tied to the chicken of course
thomas: haha. haha...ha. oh, hahahahaha! oh no, Oopsie daisy!!
by regatone123 October 16, 2007
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