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A word which collects all things that are mucky, dirty and of the ground. Especially things that are wet, brown and sticky.
As In Monty in 'Withnail & I':
'You mean you've been up here in all this beastly mud and oomska without wellingtons? This afternoon I'll take you both into Penrith and get you fitted with some good quality rubber boots.'
by Arthur Thistlewood November 13, 2007
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A group of sixteen animated character, that live in a beautiful magical place called Oomskaland. The characters (all of them Oomskas),are Oomska, Oldest Oomska, Newmska, Troomska, Ploomska, Bionic Boomska, Bloomska, Poomska, Vavoomska, Orangieboomska, Ballonska, Doom & Gloomska, Broomska, Zoomska, Oldest Igloomska, and Bloomska. They are being brought to the world through Warner Brothers Television with a half hour television show, as well as two educational books for young children . The oomskas are kind, loving creatures, that help teach children respect for elders, the environment, as well as tolerance and many other positive attributes. The name(s) of all characters listed above as well as their images have been trade-marked and copyrighted by Better Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television- WORLDWIDE.
The Oomskas are very engaging and entertaining characters, that my children look forward to watching on Saturday Mornings every week.
by a fan of the oomskas March 03, 2009
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