Australian slang, a contraction of "Good on you" signifying heartfelt praise and approval.
"onya mate"
by RJ57 March 1, 2014
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Onyae is beautiful smart girl that will stand up for anyone at anytime. She is a very valuable person and will forgive easily. But try not to cross her.
Have you met Onyae she is fine.
by Angelhailey January 3, 2020
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Australian slang directly translating to "Good on you." This term is used in a positive manner offering praise for a job well done. It is more often used as light-hearted sarcasm for a mistake. It is also a response to a tease in direct contrast to known information about the target of the tease. In the sarcastic context, "onya" is often used on its own or followed by a descriptive term
"Onya, mate." (Both positive and sarcastic)
"Yeah, onya." (Sarcastic)
"Onya, dickhead." (More aggressive sarcasm)
by NQJoe February 10, 2022
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Australian speak for 'see you soon', or 'see you later'. It is considered much more polite than traditional 'goodbye' or 'cya' and is used by many South Australians, specifically those in the Northern area. The standard reply to this is 'Onya, sonya; also'.
"I'm going now. Onya, sonya."

"Onya, sonya; also."
by xopotato March 28, 2016
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Said to someone who you think has a nice ass.

Origins in butt-fuck Ontario, Canada.
by Chantele November 21, 2004
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That thing your drug dealer tells you to throw off the fact that his mental health is dwindling
Chris: catch ya tomorrow man
Moltress: to easy nek onya bruzy
by Blandude October 22, 2020
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