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Onslow is a term given to a middle class privately educated teenager who pretends to be part of the working class.
"Onslows" are often seen wearing nike trainers two sizes two big, coupled with labelled grey jogging bottoms (adidas, nike, kangol are common brands) and a visior, from which gelled hair can be seen. Onslows often bop for no apparent reason. They also but on fake Watford style accents, favorite terms "owite?" "rightman?" etc.
"Oi, onslow, do your maths homework before you go to destiny otherwise you'll get a detention!"
by danny baker February 22, 2005
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A synonym for 'bad'. Something that is onslow can mean that it is of a lower standard compared to something, or can also mean that it is undesirable.
'That is so onslow!'
'This school is onslow!'
'This place is teh onslow!' (when used in leetspeak)
by Rick Conant December 29, 2005
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