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On a large industrial restaraunt grill several peeled and sliced raw onions are thrown with a large helping of lard.

Then a frozen hamburger patty is placed on top of the onions. As the onions burn they give off a nauseating stench that is blown into the outside air by large fans.
The smell is used to attract Okie neanderthals and to sicken passerbys. The buns are then used as sponges to soak up the onion juice as they brown. The onion burger is then assembled, wrapped in paper and placed in a bag.
After leaving the stand you sit in your car and digest this culinary affront. Always save the napkins and bag you will need these shortly.
Here are some other names for this Okie delicacy:
Diarrhea waiting to happen.
Dysentary on a plate.
Bulemic's delight.
The dam buster.
To add to the dining experience most of these onion burger stands do not have bathrooms.
Bob: "Are you hungry?"
Sally: "Well not too much, but I haven't puked yet today so we can get an onion burger."
Bob: "That's a great idea! I have been a little constipated lately."
by jsd96321 May 28, 2011
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