a guy that cums within or soon after one minute.
Tyler isn't a one minute man; he can go all night!
Ralph is a one minute man; he blew his load before I could tell we were even having sex.
by James October 4, 2003
Any person of the male human species that reaches orgasms quickly, and therefore, only has sex for a minute before cumming and leaving.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 6, 2003
Not the 61 second man, not the 59 second man, 62 is way out. He is the 60 second, the half of two minutes, the 1/60 of an hour, he is, THE ONE MINUTE MAN. It takes him only ONE minute to start and complete things.
"Holy crap! That plumber is a one minute man!"
by sheeps October 4, 2003