Technically farmable but really not.

Tool of scummy mobile game publishers.
Publisher: SSM is finally fountainable!
User: No it's not, fuck you.
by BearCode April 7, 2021

To consume a beverage from a bottle or carton by pouring it in your mouth without touching the opening with your lips. Usually done to prevent the spread of germs or undesired backwash.
Friend 1: Yo, I'm thirsty. Can I have some of your Mountain Dew?

Friend 2: Yeah but you better fountain it. I don't need to be drinkin' your spit.
by JackalopeJess January 27, 2013
A sexual act where one partner urinates into another partner's mouth who has a gaged labret piercing. As the first partner is urinating, it simultaneously flows from the labret piercing.
Kayley cried after a good fountaining by Rich. She sobbed as the backwash burned.
by Rich and Jackie September 25, 2007
When a woman orgasms so strongly she secretes her love juices violently.
Volume is enough to be felt dripping off her partners balls!
We had sex till she fountained
by The MG July 21, 2006
The act of laying down in the shower, and spreading your legs, and taking a piss aiming it at the drain.
Hey bro, I just fountained in the shower, you should try it!!
by SardineBro99 January 19, 2021
Contracting of the vaginal walls which results in the ejection of an inserted tampon, along with a fountain of blood.
Jane's boyfriend was going down on her which started her fountaining, shooting her tampon down his throat, choking, and killing him.
by Stephen Smithicus April 15, 2011
The Fountains is a large,green, open space in the centre of Cardiff, Wales (opposite the museum). So called because there used to be flowing fountains but now the council stopped the water due to bubbles. Saturdays draw crowds of Emos, Scene kids and Metalheads from all over Wales and parts of England who all have intentions of getting laid or wasted (preferrably both). They all know eachother from Myspace, have odd piercings ,like Hello Kitty, have tattooed stars on their wrists, wear hair extensions and skinny jeans .
"Dude, are you going to The Fountains this weekend? I've got a bottle of Strongbow and a ten bag."
by laurieboo October 30, 2007