parents that have the strictness of traditional amish parents, but not the religon. (Not for real)
daughter: My parents are so omish, they're not letting me hang out with my friend tonight because he's a boy.They never let me have any fun. They also said my curfew is eight o'clock.
by sarapags June 23, 2007
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omishhhhhhhh. i love them omish people. (:
when i say omish you say llama.

Omish. LLAMA.
Omish. LLAMA.

when i say queen you say latifa.
queen. LATIFA.
queen. Latifa.

by CassieLovesYouBitch May 15, 2009
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When you are fucking someone from behind, you cum in their ass, punch them in the back of the head, scream Rumspringa and do the pony out of the room. Then you jump in their buggy and leave.
Did you hear about the time Alan gave JC an Omish?
by dog pile April 16, 2011
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a sexual act that starts as doggy style.. the man grabs the woman's arms a lunges forward several feet.
That bitch was omish plowed across the room.. damn nigga
by dan silva April 9, 2008
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When a young couple is making love the female is in a handstand like position while the male is ramming a dildo down said woman's vagina until near orgasm,"butter"is then spread onto toast and eaten, just as the omish would churn butter
Dude I met this chick last night she wanted me to do the omish butterchurner
by BulletproofAIDS June 8, 2013
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The result of when you are standing up and the woman is on her knees with her head under the covers and you fart and quickly pull the covers around her head and your ass causing a vaccum tight oven like experience for the girl to bake in and gag. You don't release the covers until she gets you off.
You: *Farts* Omish oven time!
You: Shut up bitch, your in till you're done.
by Forty(40), Emilionaiiire April 12, 2009
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When you piss into an Omish person's ass and churn it with your dick.
Gary is making Omish Moon Butter with Jebidiah behind the Barn
by novelcarrot May 11, 2023
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