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The greater source from which all omelettes originate
We give praise to you mighty Omel, for the egg-patty wrapped food we are about to recieve.
by Cheex April 11, 2005
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Omel. Someone who is kind, smart in their own way, and unconditionally loving. If you show him the right respect, he will always forgive you and keep his promises to be there in your times of need. Someone named Omel is generally Puerto Rican/Hispanic, strictly due to the Origins of the name.

Omel is someone you can always count on. He won't question you or ever make you feel bad about who you are. He will always he accepting of you and your flaws, because he's just that kind of man. His jokes are generally clean and his comments are smooth. You will always be swooned by Omel.
Wow, that's totally an Omel thing to, keep it up!
by TheBloodLustKid February 22, 2018
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