The baddest mother fucker around! He owns a farm and animals and shit.
Old McDonald will cut you deep, dude!
by Matty Boom Bomm August 16, 2006
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an old mother fucker who owns a farm somewhere and doesn't even make drugs
old mcdonald had a farm, EA EA SPORTS
by The One You Call God September 11, 2020
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old mcdonalds had a farm
e i a e i a o a o e
mcdonalds kidnapped him and hes now ready for a special time meal
e i a e i a o a o e
with a chop chop here with a chop chop there
fry them serve them in a dish then enjoy-y-y

there is no living remnants of old mcdonalds body left!
e i a e i a o a o e
waiter: here's your mcdonald special meal
person 1: this tastes like brain muscles and living flesh
person 2: yeah wonder why its so weird
waiter: they dont know its the old mcdonalds had a farm special eheh
by backwards_cones March 3, 2021
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Reffering to the police. It does this by taking the saying "police are pigs" And relating it to someone that has pigs: old McDonald.
"Why dont you have your car?"
"Old McDonalds Boys impounded it."
by Your mother>@$%^&465 August 17, 2007
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A man named Mr. Mckague who is a boomer and really big piece of shit he will lecture you for things you haven´t done he sucks cock and is so old he taught Moses in school.
by OOFERBOI^666 December 18, 2019